Simplify your trip to the meat counter with this beef selection tool

The language of cuts can feel overwhelming, so here’s the real scoop and a beef selection tool to help you pick the right one for the way you like to cook.

Cuts of beef are named according to the part of the animal they belong to. There are primal cuts (such as the rib and chuck) that are further cut and packaged into subprimals. These subprimal cuts are then divided further and categorized into the steaks and roasts that we’re familiar with seeing in a grocery store or restaurant – such as a top sirloin steak or filet mignon.

Most tender steaks will come from the centre of the animal (rib and loin primal cuts), while leaner meat comes from more muscular areas such as the chuck, brisket and shank, plate and flank, and round primal areas. A good rule of thumb is the meat increases in tenderness as you go farther from hoof and horn.

Choose a popular cooking method from the menu above to learn more about the  cuts, the flavour profiles, and culinary tips.